WesternGeco: Multiclient Latest Projects – Guinea 2D 2017 Reprocessing Survey

In an agreement with the Office National des Pétroles (ONAP), WesternGeco is reprocessing part of the GWG99 survey data, specifically targeting the open blocks over the shelf areas which have recently become available. This will result in high-quality prestack time migrated data with an emphasis on noise attenuation, multiple attenuation, amplitude preservation, and the creation of prestack and inversion-ready products. This project is in progress and expected to complete in August 2017—providing sufficient time for a full evaluation prior to the recently announced license round.

Key highlights

  • Advanced noise attenuation
  • Adaptive deghosting
  • Advanced cascaded mutlple attenuation
  • Prestack time migration
  • Provision of a full suite of AVO and inversion-ready products


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