APPEA: New research to improve understanding of seismic impact

The Australian oil and gas industry is supporting more research to enhance its understanding of how seismic surveys affect some of the ocean’s smallest and most abundant living creatures.

APPEA Director Matthew Doman said the industry had recently commissioned new research from the CSIRO into the impact of seismic noise on zooplankton.

Mr Doman said the CSIRO research was necessary after a recent study – published in the online journal Nature: Ecology and Evolution – had challenged industry’s understanding of the impact of seismic noise on zooplankton.

“The oil and gas industry is committed to the highest standards of environmental protection,” Mr Doman said.

“When APPEA became aware that a new study showed the mortality rate for plankton in the immediate vicinity of seismic noise could be higher than previously thought, we immediately acted to undertake further research into the implications of these findings.

“The CSIRO was commissioned to assess the potential local and regional impacts on zooplankton of a typical commercial seismic survey.

“The CSIRO research indicates that although zooplankton biomass is impacted within the survey area, it recovers only three days after the completion of the survey. Importantly, there appears to be no discernible regional impact from seismic sound.

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3 Replies to “APPEA: New research to improve understanding of seismic impact”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly!

    There will be some harm but not even close to the noise spouting from the mouths of those trying to get donations to end the search of oil. These groups are money hungry with a big fat lie to sell.

  2. Many thanks for the query. Clicking on the hyperlinks at the end of the article will take you to the full article where you are able to download it as a .pdf Thanks

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