Week 38: Security Updates


APAC Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan: Expect heightened security during Islamic holy month of Muharram
  APAC Expect further provocations by North Korea, tensions to further escalate in coming weeks
🇧🇴 Bolivia Urban centres: Avoid demonstrations associated with union-led strike on 19 September
🇧🇴  Bolivia Disruption to air travel possible if airport workers proceed with indefinite nationwide strike from 21 September
🇫🇷 France Paris, other cities: Avoid all demonstrations on 23, 25 September over controversial labour reform bill
🇬🇹  Guatemala Anticipate, avoid further anti-government gatherings following congressional vote in favour of president
🇬🇳  Guinea Conakry: Avoid all opposition rallies on 20-21 September due to credible risk of unrest
🇭🇹 Haiti Avoid all demonstrations linked to controversial budget in coming days due to risk of unrest
🇰🇪  Kenya Political tensions to remain elevated in run up to election rerun; change of date possible
🇱🇧  Lebanon Arrests of terrorist suspects, embassy warnings reflect threat of militancy
  Middle East Exercise heightened caution during holy month of Muharram due to risks of unrest, militancy
🇲🇩  Moldova Urban centres: Avoid demonstrations on 24 September over cancelled referendum
🇲🇲  Myanmar Rakhine state: Defer non-essential travel to most areas due to heightened communal tensions; continue to defer all travel to HIGH risk areas
🇳🇵  Nepal Expect disruption during religious festival from 21 September; reconfirm transport, accommodation bookings
🇳🇬 Nigeria South-eastern, Plateau states: Tensions persist between troops, Biafran activists; monitor developments, abide by all
🇵🇭  Philippines Metro Manila: Anticipate disruption due to planned rallies on 21 September
🇷🇺 Russia Urban centres: Anticipate disruption and heightened security following series of bomb threats
🇿🇦  South Africa Western Cape province: Anticipate possible disruption in coming days during indefinite taxi strike
🇿🇦  South Africa Gauteng province: Violence linked to app-based ride sharing services highlights tensions, need for caution
🇹🇬  Togo Lomé, other cities: Avoid possible violent opposition protests on 20-21 September
🇹🇷  Turkey Istanbul: Avoid demonstration on 19 September as a precaution
🇬🇧  United Kingdom London: Remain vigilant, expected heightened security after bomb attack on the underground


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