Spectrum Geo: Q2-17 Results

Spectrum have released their Q2-17 results. Highlights are shown below and full details can be found through the links.


Q2 Highlights

  • Late sales in the quarter of MUSD 8.2 (2016: MUSD 7.8)
  • Prefunding on Multi-Client investments in the quarter was MUSD 22.2 (2016: MUSD 5.4), primarily related to the Gabon and Argentina surveys.
  • Multi-Client investments were MUSD 31.3 with 71% prefunding rate (2016: MUSD 7.4 with 73% prefunding)
  • Operational cash flow in Q2 was MUSD 24.8 (2016: MUSD (6.0))

6 months Highlights

  • Late sales YTD of MUSD 18.1 (2016: MUSD 13.3)
  • Prefunding on Multi-Client investments was MUSD 37.6 (2016: MUSD 14.6), substantial part related to the Gabon survey.
  • Multi-Client investments were MUSD 58.6 with 64% prefunding rate (2016: MUSD 35.1 with 42% prefunding)
  • Operational cash flow was MUSD 60.3 (2016: MUSD 38.0)

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