Seabird Exploration: Disclosure of large shareholding

Perestroika AS has today sold 5 000 shares in Seabird Exploration PLC(SBX) at price 5,0147 kr. After this transaction Perestroika holds 457 222 shares in SBX representing 14,91 % of the outstanding shares according to Norwegian regulation.

Further, Perestroika holds warrants that entitles Perestroika to subscribe for 190 000 shares.

“With reference to the Financial restructuring of Seabird Exploration Plc(SBX), Perestroika AS also holds USD 2 982 449 in SBX04B that is expected to be converted into 4 071 395 shares, if all the conditions in the General Meeting held 13 th June 2017 are met. After today’s disposal, Perestroika therefore holds (4 071 395 + 457 222 + 190 000) 4 718 617 shares, corresponding to 8,21 % of the outstanding shares after the restructuring process is completed.”

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