Polarcus: Major Shareholding Disclosure

On behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (“JPMC”) and its
subsidiaries, JPMC hereby notifies you that it has a
notifiable interest in Polarcus Limited.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.  has a notifiable interest in
the share capital of Polarcus Limited as a
result of stock borrowing by its subsidiary J.P. Morgan
Securities plc. JPMS plc borrowed 11,145,846
shares. The total number of shares held by JPMC on 04 July
2017 was 11,145,846 being 7.264% of the issued share capital
and voting rights of the company. The notification threshold
of 5% was crossed on 04 July 2017

Number of shares held by J.P. Morgan Securities plc:
11,145,846 (7.264%)

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