PGS: Vessel Allocation Q2-17

PGS routinely releases information about 3D vessel utilization after the end of each quarter.

Summary of vessel utilization:

Approximate allocation of PGS operated 3D towed streamer capacity Quarter ended
June 30,
Quarter ended March 31,
2017 2016 2017
Contract seismic 60% 58% 53%
MultiClient seismic 24% 21% 21%
Steaming 15% 19% 10%
Yard 0% 2% 5%
Stacked/Standby 1% 0% 11%

All cold-stacked* vessels are excluded from the statistics. The last new build, Ramform Hyperion, was delivered in March 2017 and is included in the statistics for Q2 2017.

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