PGS: Improving reservoir characterisation





Improving Reservoir Characterization Using Integrated Interpretation of Towed Streamer EM and GeoStreamer Data

September’s First Break carries a PGS paper which describes a geophysical reservoir characterization workflow that seeks to integrate elastic and electric attributes derived from the inversion of seismic and CSEM data to deliver an estimate of hydrocarbons in place, with a case study from the Barents Sea.

The integration of complementary geophysical data is a technically challenging process, but overcoming these challenges can bring significant rewards. Broadband GeoStreamer® seismic and Towed Streamer EM derived properties, when integrated within a rock physics framework can deliver an estimation of the total hydrocarbon volume in place within a reservoir.


PGS employed the workflow on Skrugard (Johan Castberg) in the Barents Sea, demonstrating both the application of Towed Streamer EM data in frontier exploration and improving reservoir characterization for delineating fluid distribution.

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