Petrel: Review of offshore Ireland licenses





Petrel review of offshore Ireland licenses

PGS has completed the 40-day, ‘Bréanann’ 3D seismic data survey over a 2,392-sq km (923-sq mi) area of the northern Porcupine basin, 50 km (31 mi) west of the Kerry coast in western Ireland.

Roughly 1,400 sq km (540 sq mi) covered license FEL 8/14, operated by Woodside Energy.

According to Woodside’s partner Petrel Resources, water depths for the survey ranged from 500-1,300 m (1,640-4,265 ft), although the likely water depth for targets in the license is 600-800 m (1,968-2,624 ft).

DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) operation in Australia is currently completing processing of the PSDM (Pre-Stacked Depth Migration) data, and interpretation should be completed by year-end.

Woodside will conduct 3D seismic interpretation of pre-rift and syn-rift unconformities, the aim being to de-risk the primary identified targets of Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous age.

This may lead to a well commitment in the license’s second work phase from August 2018 through August 2022.
Petrel also holds two licensing options (LO) covering 924 sq km (357 sq mi) of acreage in the same basin.

LO 16/24 includes acreage close to the Connemara oil field discovered by BP in 1983, which Statoil subsequently attempted to develop.

Reprocessing and re-interpretation is under way of relevant available seismic and well data not already in Petrel’s database. Petrel says that it is particularly encouraged at pinch-outs being mapped in the block 35/1 area which extend into 35/2.

The source rock is already established, as is the presence of good to high quality reservoir sands. The main risk, as elsewhere in the basin, is seal. Prime targets are at the Base Cretaceous level.

LO 16/25 covers block 45/27. Petrel’s team of geophysicists is reprocessing the available historic 2D seismic lines, and the company hopes to factor in regional insights emerging from programs under way on neighboring blocks.


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