Mitcham Industries: Announces Rental Partnership with INOVA





Mitcham Industries: Announces Rental Partnership with INOVA

Mitcham Industries announced on September 27, 2017, that it has entered into a rental partnership agreement with INOVA Geophysical, Inc. (“INOVA”), pursuant to which the former will make worldwide use of INOVA’s onshore seismic acquisition products.

The rental agreement also includes the new Quantum nodal system, developed in collaboration with Innoseis, G3i HD cable system channels, Hawk multi-channel nodal stations, analog and digital sensors, and Vib Pro HD controllers and vibrators.

Quantum Nodal System

  • Quantum nodes integrated with iX1 command and control system provides a complete, full-featured nodal acquisition system aimed at meeting the demand for high density, cost-effective onshore seismic survey.
  • It also provides a solution for traditional surveys as well as the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s exploration challenges.
  • Quantum is the lightest, longest battery life node currently available, offering reduced transportation and deployment costs and minimizing field battery management.
  • iX1 is a single Seismic Operational Management System for front-end operations and QC.

G3i HD Cable System Channels

  • INOVA’s G3i HD and Hawk systems are field proven cable and cable-less solutions that are also integrated with iX1.
  • Integration with iX1 allows hybrid deployments of mixed equipment types managed from a single iX1 front end, providing seamless operation across a variety of surface conditions.
  • G3i HD and Hawk systems are used worldwide today.

Vib Pro HD Controllers and Vibrators

  • INOVA’s vibroseis vehicles, combined with Vib Pro HD, are industry leading source products synonymous with reliability and exceptional broadband performance.
  • Vibrators are offered in a range of weight class from small, highly-maneuverable vehicles to large, heavy-weight vehicles.
  • Vibrators provide source solutions for a variety of environments and imaging objectives.

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