Fugro: Innovative asset inspection and modelling to ne swiss grid framework contract

As Switzerland’s national grid company, Swissgrid owns and operates the entire 3,800-kilometre extra high-voltage grid with responsibility for its maintenance, renewal and expansion. To provide standard processes and tools to maintain the grid documents and parameters to appropriate levels of quality, Swissgrid needs to record, classify and model its existing high-voltage lines. With its innovative asset inspection and modelling solutions, Fugro is to survey the entire network and its surroundings.

For this project Fugro will work with IED Gruppe, a service provider with a strong reputation and long history in the Swiss power market, who will contribute its local knowledge and engineering expertise. The goal is to create an accurate, uniform 3D-model of Swissgrid’s assets combined with intelligent, cloud-based analytics to extract valuable information on asset condition, vegetation infringements, operating distances and compliance with limit values.

“We are looking forward to working with Fugro, to get a consistent 3D-model of our network and to benefit from Fugro’s worldwide track record in virtual world asset management and survey activities,” commented Hans-Peter Moserr, Strategic Project Leader, Swissgrid. “This project will positively influence safety, security of supply, operating efficiency and control of transfer capacity of our transmission network under given conditions.”

The project is scheduled to start in June 2017, with lines to be surveyed throughout the country.



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