Fairfield Nodal: Julia nodal survey delivers an exceptional image

Julia: an epic story of deepwater non-exclusive data. Node acquisition: a superior image earlier.

Julia: nodal survey delivers an exceptional image.

Our Julia survey summarizes the entire FairfieldNodal story—our full range of technology and the value it delivers—into one spectacular image. This story consists of:

  • A proven deepwater acquisition built around quality, reliability, efficiency and safety;
  • Proprietary processing and imaging technology designed to get the most out of node acquisition;
  • Flexible commercial terms designed around the recognition that our customer’s investment in node technology is part of a life-of-field seismic solution, one that not only provides a superior image but will enhance and extend production and reservoir optimization.

Node acquisition: a better image earlier.

OBN technology excels in the later stages of life of field by delivering high-quality, full-azimuth images for production seismic. However, operators are now beginning to realize the importance of having the best quality image from the earliest stages of field development.

To make the most of their investment, operators must acquire seismic data that brings value throughout the life of field. Whether selecting an initial well location or characterizing a productive field, OBN seismic data acquisition provides a superior image and a higher level of certainty about where to drill and how to develop reserves.

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