Algeria: €137M Contract for the execution of work in Algeria




Algeria: €137M Contract for the execution of work in Algeria

A boat lift for Algeria planned

“TEIXEIRA DUARTE, S.A.” informs that a group led by its 100% held company “Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, SA”, received on this date the order of service of the Algerian entity designated “L’Établissement de Construction et de Réparation Navales (E.C.R.N.)”, integrated in the Ministry of National Defense of Algeria, for the execution of the maritime works contract, named as “l’Étude, la réalisation des aires de travail e de transfert, les infrastructures maritimes et génie-civil, les fournitures et l’installation d’un complexe élévateur à bateaux d’une capacité de levage égale ou supérieure à 9000 tonnes et la formation de techniciens”, which includes the preparation of the project, as well as the realization of work and transfer areas, infrastructures, construction works and the provision and installation of a boat lift with a lifting capacity of more than 9,000 tonnes and the respective technical training, being the participation of the Teixeira Duarte Group in that group of 90.32%.

The deadline for the execution of the work is 29 months and the total value of the contract amounts to 96 million euros and 4,513 million Algerian dinars, which on this date represent a total of around 137 million equivalent euros.


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