Total: METIS – Integrated Geophysical Acquisition System





On the cutting edge of 3D seismic imaging, Total has been focusing in recent years on breakthrough  technologies to continuously improve the quality of subsurface images. To solve major problems related to geophysical imaging in areas of complex topography, the company has embarked an integrated geophysics and logistics R&D project called METIS, Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System. METIS aims to improve the quality and speed of data acquisition through real-time quality control and processing, while at the same time slashing both the cost and HSE risks of operations. The ultimate purpose is to be able to build ever more predictive 3D models for our interpreters.

Geophysical imaging of the subsurface in hard-to-access topography is a major challenge for oil and gas exploration. Conventional acquisition and imaging techniques can be  expensive and too hazardous in terms of HSE risk — in other words, impossible to use — in some hard-to-access areas. The result is significant uncertainty in any subsurface mapping; seismic imaging is often very poor quality. Hence the need to overhaul our thinking.

To address this, in summer 2014 we introduced the Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System, or METIS, project. The goal is to develop within 10 years an integrated geophysical and logistics system to acquire, process and obtain in real time quality structural and quantitative data. This innovative approach should eventually multiply the value of information (VoI) of the data acquired in complex topography, enabling us to optimize field development, secure new exploration licenses or rejuvenate the interest of acreage relinquished in the past because of an inability to understand it.

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