Total Earth Solutions: Pointerra and TEScan LiDAR Made Easier




Total Earth Solutions: Pointerra and TEScan LiDAR Made Easier



We are pleased to advise that Total Earth Solutions have recently added LiDAR capability to our workflow.

Attached is a flyer highlighting the TEScan data capture suite.  We have a multi sensor approach, on multiple platforms and can acquire, process, map, interpret and deliver high accuracy and ultra-high resolution LiDAR for numerous applications. The roll out so far includes:

  • TEScan BP                           Backpack mounted SLAM system – outdoors, indoors, BIM,
  • TEScan UAV                         50 minute multirotor small area mapper
  • TEScan Heli                          Ultra high resolution long linear infrastructure mapper
  • TEScan LV                            Fast (40km/hr) UHR scanning
  • TEScan ROV                        Unmanned boat for inland water ways
  • TEScan Marine                     Boat mounted for nearshore operations
  • TEScan Max                         Ultra safe, ultra-fast, ultra-economical – the future…

All systems are designed to be supplemented with RBG/NIR and videography. Our innovative work flow makes data capture and delivery of 3D point cloud and imagery faster.


As we have developed our systems we revisited Pointerra and their capability. In summary their offering is:

“To make dealing with massive 3D datasets easy. Whether you’re a geospatial veteran, a surveyor on a budget, or just curious about the world around you, Pointerra makes it easy to view amazing, interactive scenes from the comfort of your browser.”.

After 2 weeks of trialling Pointerra, we can confirm that the above statement is spot on. The ability for this platform to ingest, store, share and communicate large point cloud derived data sets is just amazing, and will become a pillar of our LiDAR based workflow and delivery to you. I have included some links below that you should view and assess for yourself, or better still, establish a trial account and see just how good it is.

Pointerra “try it” page –

TEScan Heli Powerline Data – Kalamunda Powerline

TEScan MAX LLI Data – Optech Sample Data

TEScan LV MLS Data – Titan RPAS


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