Shearwater: Comes aboard seismic research consortium

Seismic player Shearwater GeoServices has signed a contract to join the Full Wave research consortium as a late participant.

Shearwater GeoServices said on Wednesday that the 3D anisotropic FWI code would be incorporated into the company’s OpenCPS seismic processing software for use in advanced model building and depth imaging.

The OpenCPS FWI interface will be made available to Imperial College London and oil company participants within the consortium.

The Full Wave research consortium was initiated in 2002 to develop practical three-dimensional FWI computer codes for application to field seismic datasets.

The current phase of the research, Full Wave Game Changer Phase II, began on January 1, 2015. The Game Changer developed a fully anisotropic 3D elastic FWI code and is developing FWI techniques that do not require low frequencies, accurate starting models, or large source-receiver offsets.

Mike Warner, an Imperial College professor, said: “We are pleased to have another industry partner join our consortium. The FWI interface and other tools provided by OpenCPS will greatly enhance our ability to test and develop the FWI more efficiently.”

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