Seisware: We’ve discovered an artist and a new use for Seisware

Our Quality Assurance Manager, Rob, spends his free time creating these incredible 3D topographical wood contour maps of Banff and Mt. Everest.

3D Contour Map of Everest

Here’s how he used our  interpretation software in his workflow:

  • I downloaded the Digital Elevation Model and used the Coordinate Converter in SeisWare to convert the lat/long into UTM Zone 45N.
  • I gridded the resulting xyz data file in SeisWare Grid and Contour using the kriging gridding algorithm.
  • I used the Grid Calculator to normalize the elevations to make the contours easier to work with.
  • I used the Culture Editor on the Basemap to edit some of the contours.
  • I plotted the resulting


3D Contour Map of Banff


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