SEG Annual Meeting status


If you are planning to attend SEG’s International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting in Houston 24-29 September 2017, we are monitoring the situation closely and will update you on how this could affect our plans in the next couple of days.


Our hearts are in Houston today.

SEG is actively evaluating how the Society can be of assistance in the coming days, weeks, and months to our friends and colleagues affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent tropical storm.

Whether assisting with skills, science, knowledge, clean up, financial aid, or a combination thereof, we will do everything we can to help alleviate the devastating effects of this natural disaster.

In the meantime, we ask that you consider a financial gift to one of the organizations providing disaster relief to the people of Houston and the surrounding areas. Visit Houston ABC13’s website to find out how you can help.

Our thoughts continue to be with Houston and the surrounding areas in the days to come.




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