PGS: Significant Update to Nigeria MegaSurvey 3D Database




Significant Update to Nigeria MegaSurvey 3D Database

PGS MultiClient Africa MegaSurveys span large parts of West Africa offshore. The Nigeria MegaSurvey is by far the largest survey and continues to grow, with the addition of another 23 000 sq. km of 3D data, which results in a total of over 95 000 sq. km across the offshore and onshore basin.

The increased volume of data allows for even greater insight into this proven petroleum basin. With the PIB [Petroleum Industry Bill] closer to being approved and talk of a possible licence round, Nigeria is once again becoming a place of real interest as companies look to expand their exploration activities and find new plays on the fringes of known petroleum systems.

Integrated with the MegaSurvey, the interpretation by PGS Reservoir of four key horizons across the whole of the Nigeria MegaSurvey gives new entrants, and existing license holders, a broader understanding of the geology in this hydrocarbon rich area of the West Africa.


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