PGS: Showcases Efficient Broadband Least-Squares Wave-Equation Migration

A new solution to LSM is delivering spectacular results in imaging resolution. The improvements are demonstrated on large datasets from the North Sea and the US Gulf of Mexico at #EAGEPARIS2017 this week. This version of LSM clearly offers a better option for big data volumes.

Least Squares Migration (LSM) solutions have historically been limited to computationally expensive adaptations of Reverse Time Migration (RTM), and by necessity run on small data volumes. PGS had developed a new LSM which will be presented at the EAGE 2017 event. It uses a visco-acoustic anisotropic one-way wave-equation operator that can be efficiently applied to large datasets. Spectacular improvements in seismic image resolution and interpretability are demonstrated on 3D data volumes from both the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

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