PGS: New Publication on Potential Targets in the Great Australian Bight

This PGS AAPEA Journal article outlines AVO prospectivity screening and the potential of drillable targets in one of the world’s remaining untapped basins.

The Ceduna Sub-basin in Australia’s southern margin offers an untapped opportunity for significant petroleum resource as part of the global exploration portfolio. Analogous to the prolific Niger delta in both size and structural style, this highly-extensional province contains up to 15 km of largely untested post-rift sediments including two widespread Late Cretaceous deltas linked to world-class oil-prone marine Cretaceous source rocks.

Two large 3D seismic volumes, the GeoStreamer® Springboard MC3D survey and the conventional Ceduna 3D survey have been processed as a seamless 20 000 PSDM volume to become the largest depth imaging product anywhere in the basin. The impact of the depth migration sequence on both the Ceduna subsurface image and structural prospect validity (especially within the White Pointer supersequence) is significant to developing a credible trap story.

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