PGS: Get the Best Data for the UK 30th Licensing Round




PGS data covers nearly 80% of the open blocks being offered in the UK 30th licensing round. These surveys provide an excellent foundation for thorough evaluation of the mature areas on offer.

Approximately 59 000 sq. km of 3D seismic data, comprising GeoStreamer and conventional 3D, MegaSurvey and MegaSurveyPlus datasets, covers or partially covers 650 of the 813 blocks confirmed by the UK Oil and Gas Authority for the UKCS 30th licensing round.

Now, more than ever, access to the best available data is essential to application success.

As the evaluations for the 30th Offshore Licensing Round begin, the availability of modern, true broadband seismic data helps to highlight the remaining prospectivity of the mature North Sea and investment in high-quality data will be recognized in license application marking criteria.

The blue area is PGS 3D data coverage; yellow indicates blocks on offer for the 30th Round

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