PGS: EAGE/ASGA Petroleum Exploration Workshop





EAGE/ASGA Petroleum Exploration Workshop – 2nd to 4th Oct 17 in Luanda

Angola presents some interesting exploration challenges, which our acquisition and imaging solutions toolboxes are well equipped to tackle. PGS experts are looking forward to discussing how at this workshop on petroleum exploration in deepwater Angola.

Over 110 discoveries have been made offshore Angola, yielding over 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent. PGS has played an active role in this province since the 1990s. We have a long history of engagement in both pre-salt and post-salt exploration, with a comprehensive MultiClient data library on both sides of the Atlantic.

Following three decades of successful offshore exploration, in the Congo basins, this EAGE/ ASGA workshop aims to address some of the challenges faced by Angolan deepwater explorers.

Exploration of the Congo Basin was followed by the pre-salt exploration of the Kwanza Basin triggered in part by the pre-salt successes in the Santos and Campos Basins offshore Brazil. Although some pre-salt exploration within the Kwanza basin had taken place prior 2000, a large pre-salt exploration campaign formally started in 2011 with contracts for new exploration acreage within the Angolan Deep Water Congo and Kwanza/Benguela Basins. Discoveries by Maersk and then a string of discoveries by Cobalt seemed to suggest that the Kwanza Basin was likely to yield similar results to those of the Santos and Campos Basins. Disappointingly after the initial successes, the subsequent series of wells were unsuccessful, sub-commercial or encountered gas and condensate rather than oil in large commercial volumes. In addition, a number of wells encountered CO2, sometimes associated with dry gas or even condensate.

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