PGS: Balkans Petroleum Forum, Athens





Balkans Petroleum Forum, Athens

How does the MultiClient business model attract and stimulate exploration in Europe and the Mediterranean? Can this help other governments in the region? Join PGS Per Helge Semb, at the October summit to find out.

Discover how our leading-edge imaging solutions can pinpoint new prospectivity and highlight exploration targets throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

We reveal why the future of exploration looks promising in all the identified trends. The availability and integration of data mean future exploration efforts and ministries can benefit from the value of past knowledge and exploration results, significantly reducing technical and commercial risks.

Come by the PGS booth to gain insight in our MultiClient data library.

Location: Athens, Greece

VenueHotel Olympic Athens – Kallirhoe Hall

About the conference: This event is organized by ESC Adriatic and is a summit focusing on the Balkans Oil & Gas Industry only. The conference aims to inform the industry and the research community of the latest exploration opportunities and licensing updates in the Balkans region.


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