PESA Vic/Tas July Technical Meeting

Wednesday 19 July 2017: Enhancing SAR Seep interpretation with broadband seismic data. Speaker: Heather Carey

The development of broadband seismic allows clearer imaging of both low and high frequencies, as well as the enhanced imaging of subsurface features such as DHI’s. By combining 2D seismic data with sea surface oil slick data derived from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, an oil slicks to seismic workflow has been developed by CGG which allows the linking of sea surface slicks with features potentially related to seepage on the seabed and within the subsurface. Two focused Area Of Interest (AOI) were selected in East Timor and the Ceduna Basin to apply the slick to seismic workflow. Results show that there is a demonstrable relationship between locations of interpreted slicks and subsurface features related to hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon migration.

Meeting Date: Wednesday 19 July; 12 noon to 2 pm

Presenter: Heather Carey, CGG Multi Client and New Ventures

Venue: Henry & The Fox, 525 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD.


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