OYO Corporation: Annual Report 2016 and Corporate Guide 2017 published

OYO Corporation has recently published their Annual Report 2016 and their forward looking Corporate Guide for 2017. OYO Corporation appear in many guises throughout the geophysical industry providing safety and assurance throughout the industry.

OYO Corporation say that ‘What the Society of the 21st Century requires us is diversity and flexibility to meet with constant change. However, such virtues must be tailored to the objec- tive of “Sustainable Social Development”, and to the consideration for the natural environment of our irreplaceable Earth.’

We, at OYO, will continue to provide technology and consultation, meeting these challenges of the times. Through this process, we will also create and offer new values for the safety and assurance of mankind. Because, we believe this to be the social responsibil- ity as well as the mission of OYO Corporation.

OYO’s business started from the investigation of ground structures for public authorities. Now, it has sprung out to four major business domains, namely, Construction, Environment, Disaster Management, and Future Energy/Natural Resources. OYO has three methods to work on these domains, namely, Engineering, Con- sultation, and very uniquely, Manufacturing of Measurement Instruments.

Corporate Guide 2017

Annual Report 2016

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