OGA: Chair of the Oil and Gas Authority



OGA: Chair of the Oil and Gas Authority


The Oil and Gas Authority’s (OGA) role is to regulate, influence and promote the UK oil and gas industry in order to maximise the economic recovery of the country’s oil and gas resources. The OGA is a progressive and highly effective authority which, by attracting investment and jobs, helps to anchor valuable skills and expertise in the UK.

As a Government Owned Company, the OGA works closely with, but has operational independence from the sponsor department – BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

The OGA Board is accountable for decisions and approving work related to the UK’s oil and gas production licensing regime, and ensures the appropriate governance and controls are in place for the organisation to achieve its goals.

The OGA is largely funded by an industry levy and it is based in Aberdeen with a further office in London. It is expected that the OGA will remain a lean organisation with no more than 179 staff.

The OGA has set out its 5 year plan and annual priorities, including how the body will work with governments in Westminster and Holyrood, industry, and other stakeholders to achieve the overall goal of maximising economic recovery.

The responsibilities of the Chair of the Oil and Gas Authority

The Chair of the OGA will have the following responsibilities:

  • Effective, cooperative and inclusive leadership of the Board that will provide sound strategic direction. This includes enabling a high standard of discussion, helping to steer the OGA by collaborative working across Government and industry, ensuring that systems are in place to provide Board members and Executive with the support they need to carry out their roles;
  • Working with the Board and Nominations Committee to ensure that the Board and Executive have an appropriate and diverse range of skills, experience, and outlook;
  • Offer support and counsel to the Executive team while providing constructive challenge on the delivery of the OGA Plan;
  • Maintaining clear and effective channels of communication with internal and external stakeholders, engaging in stakeholder networking to ensure the success of the OGA’s objectives; and
  • Acting as an Ambassador for the OGA, promoting its reputation across government and in industry.

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