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Buried Array – Permanent & Real-Time Shallow Subsurface Monitoring

MicroSeismic’s BuriedArray data acquisition deploys a permanent array of MicroSeismic-designed geophone strings installed in the near surface to monitor an area of more than 500 sq. miles (1,300 sq. km). BuriedArray Permanent & Real-Time Shallow Subsurface Monitoring uses PSET® technology to provide results that show how fractures are propagating during the well treatment. By determining source mechanisms, PSET processing provides a greater understanding of the effectiveness of the stimulation treatment.

BuriedArray is ideal for operators who need to monitor multiple wells or require monitoring through the life-of-field. The wide area coverage provides economies of scale. As more wells are monitored under the same array, costs decline dramatically relative to any other microseismic acquisition techniques. The ability to monitor large areas repeatedly with the same equipment leads to more strategic field planning and development, and the ability to monitor refracs.

Array Design

The BuriedArray installs include multiple level combinations of 1C and 3C phones at depths varying according to the established noise profile. The density of stations will also vary based on event detectability; from two to eight stations deployed per square mile. Shallow burial of phones typically reduces surface noise more than 20 dB allowing sparser station spacing, reducing cost. BuriedArray stations can be live 24/7 as they are powered by battery, solar, and wind sources. Data can be recorded locally or transmitted wirelessly back to the main processing unit.

Key Benefits

  • Most economical method to monitor multiple wells
  • Consistent and accurate event location over entire monitored area
  • Life-of-field and refracture monitoring
  • Directly map local stress orientations
  • Observe field-wide well stimulation
  • Map individual and multiple well drainage areas with long-term production monitoring
  • Monitor multi-zones and multi-wells simultaneously
  • Optimize infill well spacing and lateral length for increased production efficiency
  • Permanent array provides refract monitoring capabilities
  • Ideal for 24/7 time-lapse monitoring applications

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