MicroSeismic: Among Innovators at EnerCom’s Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day




When one thinks of a seismic company in oil and gas, you might envision macro-seismic, the seismic operations that encompass entire geologic formations to create 3D profiles of an entire reservoir.

MicroSeismic Inc., however, is on the other end of the spectrum—evaluating stimulated rock on a well-to-well basis. The core of its business is to analyze the quality and characteristics of fractures made during the well-stimulation process.

Using the data from MicroSeimic’s fracturing analysis to understand how a formation might respond to its stimulation and completion operations, an operating company can better design the spacing, orientation, and location of their horizontal wells to maximize production.

MicroSeismic accomplishes its magic utilizing geo-phones to detect acoustic signals in the rock. These acoustic signals are generated during the stimulation or fracturing process. MicroSeismic essentially “listens” to how the reservoir responds to fracturing and stimulation, and its technology can determine the length, location and orientation of new fractures.


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