ION Geo: Stock Traded 45.3% Above Its 50 Day Moving Average




Stock Traded 45.3% Above Its 50 Day Moving Average

ION Geo is currently trading at $7.80 which is significantly above the 50 day moving average which is $5.37 and significantly above the 200 day moving average of $4.65. The 50 day moving average was up $2.43 or +45.37% and the 200 day average was up $3.15. 61K shares changed hands on Friday. Overall, volume was down 57.45% under the stocks normal daily volume.

Traders are a little more bullish of late if you watch the decrease in short interest. The stock saw a fall in short interest of -3.86% as of the latest report on August 15, 2017. Short interest decreased from 1,204,307 to 1,157,781 over that timeframe. With short interest at 1,157,781 and short average daily volume at 117,712, days to cover is 10.0 and the percentage of shorted shares was 0.10% on August 15.



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