Greenpeace: Trump’s Plan to Let Oil Companies Into the Atlantic Would Kill Thousands of Whales and Dolphins

The Atlantic coast has been off limits to oil drilling for decades. Now, the Trump administration wants to change that.

Humpback Whale Breaches

The prestigious title of the loudest rock and roll show on record was unofficially awarded to The Who at a concert in London in 1976. Lead guitarist Pete Townshend blames his increasing hearing loss on repeated exposure to his own ear-splitting wall of sound.

That’s loud, but the volume of seismic airgun blasting being proposed for the Atlantic coast is louder. Peak sound pressures from seismic testing are comparable to a jet engine taking off. And because Atlantic wildlife lack access to earplugs, they will have no choice but to listen to this dangerous concert.

The Trump administration is pushing to allow these blasts in the Atlantic — something activists like you fought against and successfully stopped just last year. If Trump is successful , companies would be allowed to use these deafening seismic blasts to find oil and gas deposits miles underneath the Atlantic Ocean.

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