Geometrics: Meet Ken Smith – An Engineer with Geometrics Since 1975!




Meet Ken Smith – Electrical Engineer

Sometimes it is fun to look back on 1975 and remember: gas cost $0.44 per gallon, the average cost for a home in the US was $39,300, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen develop a BASIC program for the Altair 8800. It was also the year Ken Smith began his career at Geometrics. He walked in the door as a part-time summer employee at Exploranium [Geometrics of Canada] in July of 1975 as a college student working part time.


Ken is known as a bit of a harmless prankster. Casual Friday means that he wears a t-shirt with an amusingly facetious phrase meant to entertain his colleagues. He’s also famous around the office for altering every group photo with his own brand of humor, and if you look closely at those images you might find items such as UFOs and Santa Clause flying around in the background.


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