Geometrics: Asian Representative Meeting in Tsukuba, Japan

In April of this year, Geometrics Inc. held its first ever Asian Representative Meeting. With the amazing help of their parent company, OYO Corporation, Geometrics hosted representatives from India, Singapore, Korea, China, and Taiwan at OYO’s headquarters in Tsukuba, Japan. This was also a great opportunity for Bart Hoekstra, VP of Sales, as well as sales people, Nick Odlum and Naiema Jackson, to become better acquainted with OYO personnel.

A similar meeting was held in February of 2015 with invitations to our representatives from all over the world. What a great turn out it was! Representatives from 15 different companies flew to San Jose, California to meet and talk with us. Although this was a good turnout, there wasn’t enough time to hear from everyone. This fact prompted Geometrics to host a meeting in Asia where our Asian representatives would not have to travel so far and could have another opportunity to express their successes, concerns, and recommendations.

The Asian Representative Meeting began on April 19th with presentations by Geometrics’ sales staff about new products and future company plans. On April 20th, the entire group joined together in the evening for a spectacular traditional Japanese dinner. April 21st was Demo Day, and the sales people set out our newest products from each product line and gave demonstrations on these products. The products demonstrated include the highly anticipated Atom Passive Seismic System, the unique GeodeEM3D AMT/CSAMT System, and the innovative G-864 Cesium Magnetometer with Android Data Logger.


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