Geological Society: Non-seismic Geophysical Technologies


Finding Petroleum: On October 11th we’ll take a look at updates in non-seismic geophysics technology – gravity, magnetics and electromagnetics, satellite surveys, seeps, advances in geology and more.

We’ll also look at developments with non conventional seismic – which can include gathering seismic data with fibre optics in wells, permanent seabed monitoring (with nodes or cables), placing onshore seismic receivers by drone, anything other than towed streamer or standard onshore cabled / wireless seismic.

The event will include an afternoon workshop, free for all delegates, with updates on electromagnetic technology in oil and gas, sponsored and led by EMGS, one of the world’s leading electromagnetics companies.


Seismic is ‘king’ of exploration, but there’s plenty more out there – let’s find out more about how much of it can help us to better understanding the subsurface.


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