Geokinetics: Seismic testing on Monroeville’s agenda for Thursday





Monroeville’s council will consider regulating seismic testing this week.

“It will probably be the main topic,” Monroeville manager Tim Little said.

Residents can voice their concerns and council is expected to discuss on a proposal to regulate a company’s efforts to “map” rock formations beneath Monroeville through seismic testing.

The ordinance will be discussed at the council’s Citizens Night in council chambers at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Resident and founder of Sustainable Monroeville Elisa Beck hopes the ordinance is similar one Oakmont passed in July.

The law requires a company interested in seismic testing to obtain a non-refundable, $500 permit and limits when the company can perform the testing. “We need to have say about how, where and when they do this,” Beck said. “Right now, they’re barging into our community and doing it.”

The Monroeville-based Huntley & Huntley Inc. has hired two Texas companies, Geokinetics and Cougar Land Services, to perform the testing. According to Monroeville’s website, the testing has been delayed until the latter part of 2017.

A company spokesman has been quoted saying the process precedes Marcellus Shale development.


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