Geokinetics: Jointly developed next-generation land seismic system focuses on complex geologic environments

French oil giant Total is partnering with two Texas seismic companies to develop a next-generation land seismic acquisition and processing system focused on complex geologic environments, such as foothills, where significant “yet to find” hydrocarbons remain.

Sugar Land-based Wireless Seismic Inc., which provides the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording systems with real-time data transmission, and Houston-based Geokinetics Inc., one of the world’s largest independent land and seafloor geophysical companies, are teaming up with Total E&P Research & Development to create the Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System (METIS). A large-scale commercial pilot project is targeted for 2021.

The goal of METIS is to deliver true-to-life 3D subsurface models by optimizing prospect evaluation and drilling performance in hard-to-access areas. An integrated real-time geophysical and automated logistics system, METIS will significantly increase the efficiency of seismic acquisition and quickly deliver 3D data to interpreters with minimal HSE exposure, the companies said in a press release.


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