Geokinetics: A safe alternative to the seismic airgun

The use of seismic airguns in offshore oil exploration has proved controversial, with some claiming that they may interfere with natural patterns of animals such as whales and dolphins. Now Geokinetics has completed the second successful deployment of its AquaVib Marine Vibrator, a competitor to the seismic airgun with a much lower decibel footprint. Could it solve this problem and add several other important advantages along the way?

Airguns have been an essential part of subsurface exploration in the oil and gas industry for over fifty years. By sending seismic waves down through the sea, they can collect data based on how these are reflected back allowing the construction a map of what lies below the sea floor. Little change has been made in the use of the technology throughout the years – until now.

Geokinetics has successfully completed the second deployment of its new alternative to the airgun, the AquaVib. The marine vibrator works on a similar principle as the airgun, but with some key differences, especially regarding the sound level.

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