Geobit Instruments: Earth Imaging at SEG


Geobit Instruments: Earth Imaging at SEG

Geobit, ISTI and HMSC join together at the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas this September. We welcome you to visit us at our booth, #2521, to meet our team and learn about the latest offerings. Paul Friberg & Ilya Driker (ISTI), Mike Hasting (HMSC, Inc.), and Dimitris Mourtzouchos & Nikos Germenis (Geobit) will be available to answer your questions.

With 65+ years of combined experience, GEObit, HMSCinc and ISTI are joining forces and become the most competitive and the most fast growing joint venture group in the seismic monitoring services industry.

Providing state of the art technology of seismic instruments, as well as installation, monitoring and processing services, our group is able to deliver cost effective total solutions to the energy exploration & production industry, especially to the oil, gas and geothermal sector.  Our key benefit is that we produce in-house hardware and software and we install and maintain the micro-seismic monitoring network. In other words, we make the technology – we apply the technology – we offer the technology.

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