Fugro: New hydrography centre update





Fugro: New hydrography centre update

Fugro has announced plans to establish a Hydrography Centre of Excellence in Houston, Texas. The Houston-based center will handle a wide range of hydrographic project types, including nautical charting, cable routing and Law of the Sea boundary claims.

The new center is part of a reorganization of the company’s hydrography services, including relocating key staff and assets from its San Diego office to its U.S. headquarters in Houston and consolidating resources to regional hubs that house a wider range of geophysical and geotechnical offerings.

Fugro is also formalizing its coastal-zone mapping services using complimentary geophysical and geotechnical techniques to benefit a wide range of applications including resource development, infrastructure siting, coastal management and emergency response.

Fugro USA’s president said that the company collects more than 1 million square kilometers of high-resolution bathymetry data annually via its involvement with seabed mapping initiatives such as the Shell Discovery XPRIZE and Seabed 2030, as well as through providing data for customers like NOAA.

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