FairfieldNodal: Geophysical Firm Sign Purchase Contract for Z100® Nodes



Geophysical Firm Sign Purchase Contract for Z100® Nodes

FairfieldNodal, known for its unique cable-free seismic systems, has reached a purchase contract with one of the world’s leading geophysical services companies for the purchase of 4000 Z100 nodes.

FairfieldNodal has specifically designed the Z100 nodal system to allow safe and easy 4C data acquisition in transition zones, where it provides continuous recording for up to 30 days at depths from 0 to 300 meters. Additionally, the Z100 system can be used with any other land and/or marine acquisition system for seamless data integration from land to deeper waters.

The Z100 system, with its HSE and efficiency advantages, gives customers a highly reliable and cost effective option to other systems in the transition zone market, allowing them to meet new productivity milestones and improving their competitive position.

“FairfieldNodal has a long and proven history of reliability and leadership,” says Charles (Chuck) Davison, President and CEO, FairfieldNodal. “Our goal is to deliver products that allow our clients to focus on their geological objectives rather than the limitations of their acquisition system. The Z100 system makes this possible by giving our clients unsurpassed flexibility and ease of deployment.”

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