FairfieldNodal: A New Chorus Line?


FairfieldNodal: A Chorus Line

FairfieldNodal have made recent changes to their senior personnel and are currently looking for more personnel for other roles both onshore and offshore. FairfieldNodal have been identified as the interested party in the acquisition of  WGP and ARL from Thalassa Holdings. Couple this with the recent announcements about MPV surveys, WesternGeco and PGS, and it becomes evident that there is something happening at FairfieldNodal and all seems good, very good, in the nodal marketplace.

WGP continue stealthily in the Norwegian Sea with their PRM surveys for several clients, Magseis have been steadily growing and adding capacity and Seabed GeoSolutions have announced the award of the largest nodes survey in Brazil.

Nodes function well at a variety of depths and FairfieldNodal can meet market requirements from being onshore and can transition to great depths offshore. Deployment of the nodes has been simplified and can be done by just a few people.

FairfieldNodal have grown their ‘Chorus Line’ recently and now have an enhanced line up, comprising of: Z100, Z700, Z3000, ZXPLR, ZLoF and the non marine offering of ZLand.

Is this line up due to grow? If the acquisition of ARL completes then there will be an opportunity to develop and grow the Autonomous Robots and the additional capabilities that these will bring. Check out the ARL video.

A quick summary of each of the different FairfieldNodal node types is set out below:



The Z100 gives you the ability to acquire high-quality seismic data from the beach to 300 meter depths, with minimal HSE risk. The system is lightweight, making deployment a breeze. Once deployed, it records continuously, giving you the image you need for successful, long-term reservoir management.

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The Z700 system is easily deployed, requiring smaller crews and a minimum two-vessel configuration–one node management and one source vessel. No cables, no leakage, no headaches. Better yet, you get a superior image for better appraisal and brownfield development, improving your economics over the life of your reservoir.

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In deeper water, challenges are more complex. Mistakes, more costly. Making the right decisions requires a superior seismic image—much more than what a towed streamer survey can provide. The FairfieldNodal Z3000 system provides that image. High-quality, high-fold 3D seismic gives you a solid 4D baseline survey, along with the power to monitor your reservoir and react to changes over time, and plan intervention activities. The safety, flexibility, and scalability of the Z3000 helps you achieve your seismic monitoring objectives at the lowest total cost of ownership of any competing system.

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Production managers and exploration teams alike continually seek greater safety, efficiency, and data quality in seismic acquisition. Our newest advancement in OBN technology, the FairfieldNodal ZXPLR, delivers. A hybrid system capable of dual-mode deployment in both deep and shallow water, it’s designed to further simplify node management, maintenance, and inventory control, reducing overall costs by supporting multiple operations.

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An essential tool for deepwater reservoir monitoring, 4D seismic requires two things—dense, high-quality data and repeatability. The FairfieldNodal ZLoF® System, short for Life of Field, provides both at a lower cost than conventional methods, such as cabled Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) systems.

Delivering full-azimuth 3D and 4D seismic on demand, ZLoF is capable of a five-year deployment life and 500-day cumulative recording period, allowing for multiple monitoring surveys before node recovery. Because repeatability is comparable to PRM installations, nodes are viable candidates for autonomous reservoir monitoring.

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Coming Soon?

Autonomous Robotic Nodes



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