Engie: Updated status of incident on Gjøa

A condensate leak occurred at 20:01 Wednesday at the Gjøa platform. The situation quickly came under control, and no injuries occurred.

The direct cause of the leak is now identified to be a fracture in a weld on a 3/4″ pipe associated with a condensate pump.

The leakage generated gas detection with following shutdown, depressurisation of the facility and release of deluge. The condensate leak was stopped and the situation on board the Gjøa platform is under normalisation. No leakages to sea took place. Production remains shut down.

Gjøa had 49 people on board when the incident occurred. 19 people were demobilised by helicopter and brought to a support center in Florø. Some of these employees are now returning to Gjøa to take part in the normalisation process.

The company’s emergency response organisation was mobilised to coordinate all support required. The company is now in dialogue with the relevant authorities.

An internal investigation group is being established.

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