DownUnder GeoSolutions: What’s on in the DUGout – SEG 2017






What’s on in the DUGout – SEG 2017

Team DUG is looking forward to a successful SEG event. Here’s what you’ll find if you visit us at booth #1235.

Daily presentations of key technologies
Drop by the DUG booth and check out the daily talk schedule. We’ll be delivering a number of presentations each day, giving you a taste of our newest and most innovative work-flows and technologies. If you’re interested in FWI, deblending, and scenario testing using RTM, you won’t want to miss these presentations.

DUG Insight daily demos

DUG Insight is our 2D/3D/pre-stack visualisation and interpretation software package. Come and see one of the live demos each day and discover how DUG Insight will change the way you interpret your data. Find out about spectral balancing, AVA workflows, high-resolution well views, and our latest curvature and structural analysis tools.

Learn about DUG’s seismic assalt weapons

Discover what DUG’s high-end depth imaging toolkit can do for you. We have an artillery of seismic assalt weapons ready to attack the most complex imaging challenges. Drop by booth #1235 and let us show you some of the results we’re getting from our latest processing and imaging technologies.

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