CGG: Integrated geoscience programs facilitate exploration




Integrated geoscience programs facilitate exploration

CGG’s JumpStart programs are integrated multiclient geoscience projects designed to accelerate an industry understanding of petroleum systems and support exploration efforts. They are a new addition to an existing range of integrated geoscience products, which also includes Reservoir Optimization Packages, specifically designed for U.S. onshore reservoirs, and GeoSpec TerraCube regional projects, which are based on released legacy data. JumpStart programs complement the company’s existing multiclient library, including seismic surveys and Robertson Studies (Red Books).

When industry players explore a new area, collating all the available data can be challenging and time-consuming. Integrated geoscience programs provide a comprehensive, consistent resource of easily accessible data for evaluating petroleum systems, assimilating all the available data in a specific geographical area and framing it within a geological context. These programs enable clients to directly access the reviewed, validated, calibrated and interpreted datasets in one place in an accessible and ready-to-use format.

There are seven JumpStart programs nearing completion: in the northern North Sea, offshore Gabon, in the Timor Sea, offshore Australia, in the Gulf of Mexico and two offshore Brazil.

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