CGG: GeoSoftware celebrates 30 years of software innovation in reservoir characterization




GeoSoftware celebrates 30 years of software innovation in reservoir characterization

CGG GeoSoftware is marking the 30th anniversary of its flagship reservoir characterization software products, Jason and HampsonRussell, at the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston. The occasion reflects a commitment to continued innovation and development to help geoscientists better understand the Earth’s subsurface and maximize the potential of reserves.

In an ever evolving industry, GeoSoftware seeks to improve and modernize the two products to meet today’s toughest challenges. Integration between the two is a key objective in order to help E&P companies even further reduce the risks and uncertainty associated with hydrocarbon exploration, development and production.

Growing from a three-person startup in 1987, HampsonRussell became part of Veritas DGC in 2002, and subsequently CGG in 2006. Initially running on mainframe computers and small PCs, the software now runs on powerful personal workstations. Applications have evolved to include all aspects of AVO, post and pre-stack inversion, and multi-attribute, time lapse, multi-component and azimuthal analysis. Customized workflows allow HampsonRussell users to integrate all aspects of reservoir geophysics. A strong research and development team works to ensure continued innovation to meet the needs of future geoscientists. “Companies of all sizes depend on HampsonRussell software for key E&P decisions. This popularity is a result of our ability to consistently deliver sophisticated geoscience techniques in an interactive and intuitive environment that provides reliable results,” said Brian Russell, Vice President, CGG GeoSoftware.

Jason was the brainchild of four young entrepreneurs from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and joined CGG in 2013. The initial single 1D inversion product has expanded to become the complete Jason Geoscience Workbench of today. One of its creators, Jason Product Development Manager, Peter Mesdag, said: “Our high-end, cross-product workflows enable clients to reveal reservoir properties through integrated seismic-to-simulation workflows. They can identify anisotropy, locate thin beds, evaluate stress forces and obtain a better understanding of reservoir dynamics.” John Pendrel, CGG GeoSoftware Product Manager for Deterministic Reservoir Characterization, adds: “Throughout Jason’s history, the focus has always been on delivering value to our clients, and progress can be attributed to an exceptional multi-national staff with research laboratories in The Hague, Houston and Dallas.”

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware, CGG, said: “By bringing HampsonRussell and Jason under the CGG GeoSoftware banner we boosted our ability to optimize and integrate geoscience workflows and became the seismic reservoir characterization software of choice in the geoscience sector. With these two products leading our comprehensive software portfolio that includes InsightEarth, PowerLog and VelPro, we deliver advanced technology that enhances any software workflow across the entire journey from exploration and development to life-of-field production management.”

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