CGG: FIN13 Barents Sea



The FIN13 BroadSeis™ survey is located in the southeastern part of the Finnmark Platform. The survey was acquired during 2013 with CGG’s BroadSeis technology, providing true broadband data. The survey covers 2,301 km2 over a highly prospective area with play models at several stratigraphic levels.


FIN 13 survey covers 2,301km2  in the southeastern part of the Finnmark Platform. The main targets within the survey area are a four-way closure in the Jurassic and uppermost Triassic, with good reservoir sandstones of the Fruholmen Formation and the Carnian sands of the Snadd Formation inside the closure.

Potentially good reservoir sands are also observed further down in the Triassic stratigraphy. In the Palaeozoic strata, the Karstification of carbonates and the presence of rotated fault blocks form potential prospects.

Data from nearby wells prove this to be a multisource area and it is also considered to be a combined oil and gas province. Both the Nordkapp Basin and the Tiddlybank Basin are expected to be possible source rock areas for FIN13, in addition to local migration.

The Fin13 BroadSeis 3D survey was acquired with long offset Sercel Sentinel cables of 7950 meter and 75 meter separation. Processing applied a comprehensive PSTM sequence to remove noise and multiples in various domains and with different algorithms.


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