APPEA: Health, Safety & Environment Conference 2017

APPEA will hold its Health, Safety and Environment Conference in October 2017 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Innovation in HSE in the age of increasing transparency

With sustained low oil prices, the petroleum industry must continuously improve its strong safety and environmental performance while also controlling costs and seeking savings.

More distrust, more demands

The industry also faces unprecedented levels of political uncertainty and community distrust.  Activists and NGOs are using highly-accessible and broad-reaching social media platforms to call for greater transparency in resources industry operations.

Shareholders, financiers and communities are becoming increasingly more significant stakeholders. They are not only demanding more information on industry operations, but also wanting a direct say in how these operations are conducted.

Governments are also often seeking further regulation to mandate greater transparency, consultation and stakeholder inclusion.

Innovation is essential

The industry must use new technologies and approaches to address cost pressures; make workplaces safer; reduce environmental impacts; communicate with stakeholders; and enhance community benefits.

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