CGG: Adds to growing portfolio of solutions

CGG adds to growing portfolio of solutions to overcome toughest offshore imagine challenges. 

With its strong innovation culture, growing toolbox of advanced technology and broad range of geoscience expertise and experience, CGG relishes the opportunity to work with clients to design new solutions tailored to address specific challenges.

Its long track record of innovation includes an efficient, full-azimuth, long-offset solution, StagSeis, to image beneath the Gulf of Mexico’s complex tabular salt. For pre-salt imaging challenges offshore West Africa, B-WATS, a full-azimuth solution was designed to record more near offsets. With Statoil and RIL, CGG developed a system of co-operation to avoid time-sharing standby in the North Sea (presented in the technical sessions, Elboth et al., Th B3 05 at 10.30 and Elboth, Th P8 12 at 14.45). New advanced deblending algorithms from its Subsurface Imaging group provide greater flexibility of source numbers in acquisition geometry design without loss of fold or trace density (Cook et al., Tu B1 09 at 13.30 and To et al., Th B3 07 at 11.20). Multi-source solutions such as WidePass HD use this to double the subsurface footprint and deliver efficient acquisition for deepwater frontier exploration, by deploying an additional source vessel. This enables longer and wider effective spreads than any single vessel towing an ultra-wide spread can achieve.

Image courtesy of CGG

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